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Android Dev Phone 1 Button Combinations

The following are the ADP1 / G1 button combinations for booting in various modes.

 Regular mode Power up via "Call End" button
 Fastboot mode 1 Power up via "Camera" + "Call End" button. Wait until Android on skateboard image appears with text "SERIAL0", and press Back button. It'll enter FASTBOOT mode.
 Fastboot mode 2Power up via  "Call End" + "Back" button takes you directly to fastboot mode
 Recovery modePower up via "Home" + "Call End" buttons.
In recovery mode,
Alt + L - toggle log text display
Alt + s - apply
Alt + W - wipe data/factory reset
 Safe mode Power on via "Call End" + "Menu" button

The 3-button salute (Call + Menu + Hangup) causes a reboot in any of the above modes.