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History of Adam Scott


Adam Scott is believed to be a descendent of the SCOTTS OF WOLL, a Cadet Branch of the SCOTTS OF HARDEN, from SELKIRK, in the Borders of Scotland.

The Scotts of Woll and other Border Clans were offered re-settlement and property in Northern Ireland, to help hold the Protestant Line in Ireland, for the English Government. Offers were made to Laird’s sons and tenant farmers to take over properties confiscated from Irish Catholic families in Counties: Fermanagh. Armagh, Tyrone, and Londonderry. To keep them there, their records were destroyed, so they could not go back to Scotland. (Deportation?) (Ardstraw – Fairy Water-Omagh)

The move to Ireland from Scotland was a peace offering to settle border disputes between various clans and the Scotts and their branches as well as the English. During the 300 years wars in the Border area, they were participants in defending Scotland against the English and suffered loss of lives, land and status. The offers were made by the March Wardens appointed by the English Govt. at the time of the Union of the Crowns of Scotland and England. The Scotts of Woll were sheep and cattle farmers and like most Borderers, were capable horsemen……Border Reivers who had an important place in the history of the Borders and Scotland.

The Scotts of Harden, from whom the Scotts of Woll, is a “brother branch” to the Scotts of Buccleuch, holders of the Scott Clan Chiefship; being  descended from the original UCHTRED SCOTT, Circa 1120 AD. by one of his two sons, Michael of Balwearie, from whom Harden and Polworth, from whom Ancrum, from whom Woll are descended.


The present Chief of the Clan Scott, The 9th Duke of Buccleuch and 11th Duke of Queensberry, of Drumlanrig Castle and Bowhill, has decreed that ALL descendants of the re-settled Scotts in Ireland are to be recognised in the future as being members of Clan Scott irrespective of where they were born. It is his wish that they share equal status in the Clan with those born in Scotland. They are to be regarded equally as Scots. The Scotts of Woll belonged to the Selkirk area in Scotland, where the Buccleuchs have lived for generations. And he acknowledges the Scotts (Scots, Scoti) came originally from Ireland as Celts to settle in Dal Riada (Argyle and Galloway), prior to 11th century.

[Sources: Information from “The Scotts”- Capt. Walter Scott of Satchell 1688. From Robert Harden Scott, member of the Border Families Society, Selkirk, Press release supplied to Clan Scott Association of Australasia, and Story of the Irish Race – Seumas MacManus.]

With the Potato Famine in Ireland during the 1800’s, descendants of the Border families from Scotland who were re-settled in Ireland were offered passage to Canada, Australia and New Zealand, under an immigration scheme. Some were “indentured” to land holders before they left Ireland, to work for a period of 2 years.

Thomas Scott was one of those selected. In Australia they were given accommodation and were paid a yearly wage (approx. 35 pounds)

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In 2009, the Year of the Homecoming in Scotland, a special event was held in Dumfriesshire, arranged by the Scottish Government, to Welcome Home to Scotland all the descendents of the “deported Scots” who were settled in Ulster (Northern Ireland) at the time of the Union of the Crowns. It was by way of an apology to compensate for the breakup of the Border families and to enable them to regain their Scottish roots.

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