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Histories of Thomas(father) & William(son) Scott


[Taken from various Certificates and other sources.]

THOMAS SCOTT was the son of:  ADAM SCOTT (born abt. 1770/80) 
and MARGARET FENNELLY (born abt. 1780) 
(both in Ireland)
Born in Ireland - abt. 1802
Married 1826.
Arrived in 
Australia 1855.
Died Ipswich 1857 from sunstroke.
Letitia Smith, (born abt. 1800) [Died Ipswich 1868 aged 68]
Daughter of HUGH SMITH and ELIZABETH PETERSON, farmers in Ireland.
Family Five (5) daughters and one (1) son.
Eliza (Elizabeth), Margaret, Letitia, Jane, Mary Ann, son: WILLIAM.

Arrived in Austalia 1.8.1855, at Moreton Bay (now Brisbane, Qld)
Thomas, wife Letitia, daughters Letitia and Mary Ann, and son William.
( The other 3 daughters, Eliza, Margaret and Jane remained in Ireland)

NOTE1: In Ireland, Thomas worked as a STONEMASON. He was also a HORSEMAN.
NOTE2: Both Thomas and Letitia are buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Ipswich. Qld.

Information Ex Thomas’s Death Cert. --- Died: 15th January 1857.

Name & Surname; Rank or Profession: Thomas Scott -- CARRIER (Horse Teams) 
Age: 55 years

Cause of death: Sunstroke (24hrs ill)

Name of father and Mother (maiden Surname) : (1) Adam Scott (2) Margaret Scott (3) Formerly Fennelly

Where born and how long in Australian colonies:(1) Born in the North of Ireland (2) one year and four months in these colonies
If deceased was MARRIED, Where and at what age, and to whom  (1) Married in Ireland . (2) at the age of 24 years (3) to Letitia Smith 

Additional Information – from Shipping list of “Cambodia: 1855” --- (arrival ship):

(1) Thomas and all his family are recorded in Religion Column as Presbyterian.
(2) In the Read and Write Column, Thomas and all his family are recorded “both”

In Australia

Thomas and family settled in Ipswich after having worked on Canning Downs Station as a carrier (driver of a Horse Team).. Ipswich was the centre for cattle and horse sales, taking stock from the Clarence Valley, New England and inland Queensland station properties. His wife and family remained in Ipswich after his death. His wife died in 1868. Both daughters, Letitia and Mary Ann married and lived in Queensland. Both had large families.

William worked in Queensland for about 3 years before moving to NSW, at 19 years of age, to work as a stockman, on various New England station properties.


  1. William had scant contact with his family in Queensland after he left. It is believed he went back to Ipswich for his mother’s funeral in 1868 by which time he had married and had settled on his own property, in the Mann River area.
  2. The relatives in Glen Innes talked about some “family connection” in Queensland, back in 1938 to my parents, but never knew the full story, which was unearthed in 1991, with access to records coming on line.
  3. Neither my father ( George Thomas William Scott) or his brother, Clarence Glen Bradley Scott were aware of the Queensland relations, except that some existed way back.
  4. After my grandparents, Thomas William Scott and Annie Louisa Scott moved away from Glen Innes, in approx. 1907, there was not a great lot of contact until my family started going to the Glen Innes Highland Gathering in 1937, at which my brothers Douglas and Wallace Scott were competitors in the Bagpiping competitions. It became a regular trip for us, which brought us in contact with the families of my grandfather’s brothers, William, Walter, and Engstrom(K/a… ANK.) at their properties “Red Hill” and “Brushwood” at Pinkett and Red Range districts in the S.E. of Glen Innes.

for the records. Jean Scott Deaner 2008.