Family Histories

These where sent to me by Jean Scott Deaner.  She is the holder of history of my mothers side of my family.  ie: The Scott family
I have placed them here for anyone that is interested.

Thomas Scott was my g.g.g.grandfather, father of William (my g.g.grandfather), who was father of Thomas (my great grandfather), who was father of Clarence (my grandfather) who was father of Juliet (my mother), 

Jean said to me in an email
"It is not a family tree. I have described it as a History of our ancestors and their way of life. I often had long chats with C.G. (your grandfather-he hated being called Clarence!) and Jules about the Scotts, and so decided to put it on paper for posterity."

Thomas Scott was my g.g.g.grandfather, father of William (my g.g.grandfather), 
who was father of Thomas (my great grandfather), who was father of Clarence 
(my grandfather) who was father of Juliet (my mother), 

William was a 16 year old boy who made his own way through life, raised a family
and became a well respected grazier in the Glen Innes district.

This is mostly notes on the historical side, relating to Adam's ancestors and how
they came to be in Ireland. (Others were sent over to the Americas). Also, their
recognition some centuries later by the Late Chief of Clan Scott, to atone for their
"deportation" etc.

This is some general notes about the Australian family that Jean had contact with,
and the loss of the family's records - a very sore point with some.
We should have done this while some of the older generation were still alive, as to-day's
generation have no knowledge of them. But they were people we could be proud of, and
passed on to us something special - being a Scott.

Some of the little anecdotes about the older guys at Glen Innes are quite interesting
and colourful. As one of the town's leading lights told Jean:
" They were the 'big' men we looked up to them".