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CFE Commands

On a Broadcom Based router (with the CFE boot loader), once you have access to a serial console, you will be able to use the following commands:   Different CFE implementations omit some of the commands, however these are the ons that I use the most.

Save Flash or Memory contents to a tftp server

CFE> help save


     Save a region of memory to a remote file via TFTP


     save [-options] host:filename startaddr length
To save the entire contents of Flash
save host:filename  bc000000 800000

To save just the CFE
save host:filename  bc000000 20000

Note: The address provided here is what I have been using on a WL500gPv2. the real CFE address starts at 1c000000: bc000000 is some cached copy, but it is OK, It appears that the TFTP client in the CFE can't read the real address for some reason.  Your mileage may vary.
I need to check what happens when you write. (ie: load) to these address.