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TFTP Upgrade Client

Finally a Win32 and Linux TFTP client we can easily use

This is a Win32 and linux TFTP client especially designed for installing open firmware of home based routers.  It expressly address the issues that are found by users trying to install the firmware via TFTP using the Microsoft TFTP client.

usage: upgrade [options] <destination> <file_name>

<destination>  : FQDN or IP address of destination.
<file_name>    : name of the file to send.

-h             : display this message
-p port_number : use a different port.  Default = UDP port 69

All transfers are binary.
Retry 2 times every second.
Timeout after 30 seconds.

  1. It will attempt make a TFTP connection every 500ms (2 times a second) for 30 seconds, giving you ample time to reboot the router and ensure that you are able to hit the routers TFTP server within the boot_wait period
  2. If a TFTP server is already running running it will immediately connect - if it finds that there is no response - it will display a message after 4 attempts indicating that you need to reboot your router to start the TFTP server.
  3. Displays "Sending:........." to let you know that a transfer is under-way
  4. Display a message to let you know if the transfer completed OK (or not)
You can download it from GitHub