Gcal2xls (for java 1.5+)

Source: available on github:  https://github.com/stuffa/Gcal2xls

This utility will extract events from your Google calendar (or Google Apps Calendar) and save the information in a spreadsheet - currently either Microsoft Excel (xls) or as Comma Separated Values (CVS).

The original idea can from a Java utility called Gcal2excel.  There are several references to this on the web, however I don't know who the original author was.
I have used the same jars etc that the original author used, but I have completely rewritten it to to do the things I needed.

In particular I have done the following:
      • Fix up time-zone issues
      • List the calendars
      • Show attendees - and remove the calendar owner
      • Exclude all day events (birthdays etc);
      • Truncate multi-day events to the selected range
      • Double check attendees in contacts to resolve email address
      • Save in CVS format as well as Excel.
      • Create multiple events - one per attendee so that they can be billed separately
      • Allow you to specify where files should be stored
      • Does not persist the password in the .dat file
      • Heaps of others
      • German translation

To run the application you will require Java 1.5 or higher.  Depending on your system, you may be either able to launch it by clicking on the jar file icon, or with the following command line:

java -jar Gcal2xls

Stuff that I am planing to add in the future include:
  1. The ability to save the spreadsheet a Google Doc Spreadsheet - I want my invoices managed in Google Docs
  2. Select if we do a lookup in contacts - currently this always happens

Chris Martin,
Apr 20, 2010, 4:29 AM